Kinfolk Wilderness

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Kinfolk Wilderness

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Book by John Burns

Discover the joy of the great outdoors and the pleasures of slow travel with Kinfolk Wilderness.

Whatever your pace or purpose, the stories within will provide you with a fresh perspective on what it means to be “outdoorsy,” whether that means trekking from hut to hut in New Zealand, saddling up at a Patagonian ranch or simply taking a moment for mindfulness amid the pristine peaks of Bhutan.

Featuring vibrant photography, practical guidance and thoughtful reflections on land stewardship, Kinfolk Wilderness brings together inspiring itineraries from five continents that promise adventure, inspire awe and spark a deeper connection to the landscape.

You’ll find entry points into bucolic European idylls from Denmark to Romania, discover new hiking trails through the ancient hills of Iraqi Kurdistan and learn how to stargaze in the haunting dark-sky deserts of California.